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Haven Auto Vent Clip

Haven Auto Vent Clip

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As revitalizing as a breath of salty beach air,

Haven awakens and rejuvenates with fresh notes of seashore breeze enriched with floral qualities of lavender and jasmine.

Whispers of woody amber and sweet musk signal the onset of the ultimate escape. Keep your vehicle smelling fresh by attaching a Haven car air freshener to the air vent in your vehicle.

The fragrance will be diffused when air flows through your vent, and will last up to 30 days. Additionally, through Greenleaf Cares, this auto vent clip cultivates change. 


Fragrance Family: Fresh & Clean

Volume: 0.1 oz/ 2.9 g

Lifespan: Last up to 30 days

Item: GLG986489S

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